About Costfile

A large portion of our business here at J.S.C. Services is to set up and maintain efficient systems in small to medium sized food production plants, mainly bakeries. Almost immediately, we discovered that many our customers had just as many problems with their paperwork and record keeping as they did on the production floor. Many did not know their facilities’ maximum potential is, let alone how far they have to go to reach it. They do not have adequate baking or mixing instructions (if any), poor inventory records, and incorrect pricing. Nowadays, all of these problems need to be solved in order for your company to grow, or even survive.

Fixing numerous problems like these takes a tremendous effort and can be very costly. It often takes a large investment of both time and money, as well as the dedication of employees who could be doing something else. It is difficult even to figure out where to begin. With Costfile, we have done much of the work for you. After being in "the business of re-organizing bakeries" for over 25 years, we know which mistakes are common among most companies and what you need to correct them. We have compressed all of our knowledge and experience into one inexpensive, easy to use computer program.

CostFile is the first production based bakery management software program designed especially for small and medium sized companies that do not have the resources or the capital that the larger ones do. We work in production plants just like these everyday, and wrote this program out of necessity for our customers. CostFile is over 50 years worth of baking and production management experience consolidated into an affordable, easy to use computer program.