About JSC Services, Inc.

Company History

JSC Services stands for Jerry Scavo Consulting Services. We are a family owned and operated company with offices in northeastern Connecticut and Queens, New York. Our service area is nationwide. Jerry started JSC in 1992 and earned a reputation for re-organizing and turning around unprofitable food manufacturing plants. He is an efficiency expert and a skilled baker with years of experience in making money for his customers. JSC Services has also written numerous HACCP and Food Defense plans for companies of all sizes. In 2005, Jerry’s son Nick graduated from college and moved to New York City. Soon after, he began working with his father and they are currently operating and growing the company together. Both Jerry and Nick are Certified SQF Consultants, in both general and high risk categories. Together, they lead companies back into profitability, and are amongst the industries’ most knowledgeable on the subjects of food safety and food defense.

The JSC Team

Jerry Scavo
President & CEO

Jerry has over 39 years experience in the baking industry in both wholesale and retail applications. He specializes in management, R & D, and the reorganization of baking facilities. After graduating in 1973 (with honors) from Dunwoody Institute, he began his career as the owner and operator of two retail bake shops in Minneapolis, MN. He was a technical service and sales representative for The Pillsbury Company for 7 years, and went on to become the Quality Assurance Director for a New England company that had over 60 retail outlets and a large central facility.

Nick Scavo
Vice President

Nick is a Dean’s List graduate of Central Connecticut State University with the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts. He is a Certified Food Safety Professional with The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. He has taken numerous continuing education courses on the subjects of food safety and food security/defense. He is a member of several business development groups in New York City. He is currently in the middle of the 3 year process of becoming an AIB Certified Baker.